Daylight Come and Me Wan’ Go Home

I’ve been working 2-3 night shifts per week for a couple of weeks now, and a profound dearth of qualified applicants means I’ll probably be doing this for some time to come.  I don’t mind the occasional night shift – it gives me time to catch up on my hulu-ing or reading or trying to beat the Super Mario simulator on my phone, and I can usually squeeze in some free or reduced-price laundry.  Besides, I started out at each of my hotels as a night auditor before being promoted – two years at my first, three months at my second, and a little over a year at my current – so its not exactly unfamiliar territory.  But I’m a trifle elderly now, and I’m still working day shifts the rest of the week.  I don’t bounce back and forth quite like I used to.  And it confuses the heck out of the dog.  (Admittedly not a remarkable accomplishment.)

But, hey, I got an obscene phone call right around midnight – brightened my whole evening!

Must sleep now.  I think I’m going to be a bad Kentuckian and miss the Derby for the first time in my memory.  But, who knows? Maybe my subconscious will wake me up anyway!

Edit: I actually did wake up in time to see both the Derby and the end of Justin Verlander’s no-hitter!


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