Sunshine on My Shoulders . . .



I have a sort-of free day (meaning that I worked day shift yesterday and I work night shift tonight), so I’m currently lazing my day away on the front porch in the old Papasan chair my best friend gave me when she moved 900 miles away (*sniffle*).  I have a big, fat Stephen King book I can’t seem to put down (but, then, I never can seem to put down any good book).  It’s breezy, it’s partly cloudy, and it’s not too hot (yet).  The crew renovating the apartments behind my house seem to be done with the really loud demo work.  It’s summer break at the university, so no one’s around to bother me.  I’ll be watching the season finale of Glee once it finishes downloading to my phone.  I’m drinking a homemade lemon shake-up.  The dog is soaking up sunshine, chasing twigs and leaves around the yard, and warning off any errant birds (cardinals, mostly) who have the affrontery to land in her trees and take baths in her gutters.  I’m exchanging a series of gramatically-correct and perfectly-spelled* text messages with the aforementioned best friend, because that’s just the kind of people we are – Geek Pride!  I have mushrooms in the fridge that are going to become garlic butter mushrooms with capers and lemon, and then I will most likely eat them all, because when you live alone, you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to (betcha couldn’t tell I’m an only child, could ya?).

Now, if I could just keep reminding myself that there’s no reason to be terrified of the random bumblebees who occasionally meander into my line of sight, and remember that they respond much better to polite requests to go play somewhere else than they do to shrieks and throwing of books and/or water bottles (betcha couldn’t tell I’m just a leeeeetle afraid of things with stingers, could ya?), it would be divinely perfect.

*I just know I’m going to find some glaring grammar or spelling error in this post in a couple of weeks, because I’m writing this on my phone and I can’t figure out how to turn off the stupid Autocorrect.  (Edit: Apparently, Android’s Autocorrect does not contain the words “capers” or “stingers”.  Yet.)


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