So I Went Away for a While

It’s a long story that’ll probably come out in bits and pieces over future posts (the important parts, anyway).

Now that my least favorite holiday (NYE) is over, and I’ve had my Hoppin’ John and greens like a good Southern girl and emailed my mother the pictures to prove it (we take our superstitions very seriously ’round these parts), I’m looking ahead. I don’t make resolutions because I know myself well enough to know they won’t last, so rather than trying to lose weight, intending to exercise more, or insisting that this will be the year I consistently remember to do laundry before I run out of underwear (ha!), I intend to just remain positive, supportive, and creative, and some other words that end in “-tive” that I can’t think of right now, and just try to be an all-around mensch, because, really, that’s all I want from the people around me.

[Note to self: the outcome of the Lions-Packers game did not do a lot for my positivity, and some of the words I said were probably not very mensch-like (though they may have been creative!).  It might be advisable to avoid certain Detroit-centric sporting events if I want this thing to last more than a week.  Just sayin’.]

Now I must investigate why the cats have suddenly developed the evening crazies.  Methinks there might be another squirrel in the walls, which means I’ll have to move, because I’m not evicting another squirrel from my kitchen.  Once was enough.

The Lookout
He’s coming for me. I just know it.

¡Prospero año nuevo!


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