New Years Day, Observed

I like to try to start the new year off right, because my mama drilled into me that what you do on New Years Day, you’re destined to do for the rest of the year.  Well, if yesterday is any indication, I will be sleeping late all year (even though I was in bed by about 9:30), perpetually having a very bad hair day, and cleaning up after construction workers at work.

So, I figured that if the government, the banks, and the post office can observe New Years Day today, then so can I, and I get a do-over for yesterday.  I actually awoke ahead of my alarm, took a nice, long shower, and somehow managed to style myself up some good hair — even Dianna, the self-proclaimed arbiter of good hair, said so — and put on a little mascara (the fact that we have cutie-pie Russian construction workers roaming about all day has nothing to do with this, I assure you!).  I’m having yesterday’s leftover creamed spinach and pasta for lunch, and yesterday’s leftover Hoppin’ John [made from my super-secret recipe of crumbled, cooked breakfast sausage, chopped onion and green pepper (if you can get the frozen kind, that ups the laziness quotient quite nicely), frozen blackeyed peas, and boxed dirty rice mix — cook until done] for dinner.  I call it New Years Day, version 2012.2.0

Sadly, though, the construction workers are still slobs.


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